Bruce G
Fresh seafood from the sea! I was greeted as soon as I stepped foot in the restaurant. The uncle (owner) and nephew were very polite and welcoming! I ordered fried red snapper and Mac n Cheese! Delicious and the portions were large depending on the amount (lb) of fish you order. You can either have the seafood fried, broiled, head on or head off. The Mac n Cheese is very good! Instead of calling this spot a Seafood restaurant, it should be known for its soul food as well because the sides are so good! Outdoor and indoor seating, cash only with ATM machine inside, plenty of options on the menu, parking is a hassle. 5 stars!
Sydney S
Listen...I went here for my birthday lunch and literally was in a complete coma afterwards. I'm pretty sure between me and my friends we ordered one of everything on the menu. The fried whiting is so good with the mango sauce. The broiled shrimp, insane. The side dishes like the Mac and Cheese, yams, and collards taste like my auntie made them - so yummy. The staff is also super sweet!! Make sure you bring cash or you'll have to use the ATM located inside the restaurant + play the surcharge.
Alexia H
I was devastated when Fish in the Hood was closed down for all those months, but I'm so happy to see they're back! Black owned establishment off georgia ave that's been around for a minute, so glad to see it's outlasted the effects of gentrification and hope to see them around for many years to come. Where do I begin, the food is ROCKING. I've never had anything from here and been disappointed. Whether it's fried or broiled all their seafood is so well seasoned and cooked fresh to order. The sides are just as good! I usually get the whole piece of salmon broiled, with cabbage and greens as my sides and MAN. I can't even begin to articulate how good it is! I switch it up and get fried oysters, clams, shrimp, various types of fried whole fish. Basically anything from here goes off. It's a market setup where you choose your seafood raw, they weigh it up, you tell them how you want it prepared and what sides you want and wait. They only take cash so be prepared for that, if you don't have any there's an ATM on-site. There's limited seating inside and some outdoor seating but my favorite way is to enjoy at home. The portion sizes are insane, I'm a heavy eater and I always have leftovers. The staff is really kind, but the other customers coming in always make the visit for me. It's never a dull moment in this joint, whether I'm running into local celebs, politicians, or one of my neighbors it's always a good time in the waiting area of fish in the hood. Overall really quality seafood market, gets the stamp of approval from myself and my family and we does this seafood thing so that's saying a lot!
Tonight I brought my dad to the Bernie rally on Georgia Ave, it was incredible. The crowd was completely psyched and my dad was impressed. On the way back to the car, he saw this fish place called Fish in the Neighborhood. Now understand, my dad is an amazing cook. He said, "These guys know what they're doing." So we stopped for dinner. The fish was FRESH, whole, and packed in ice. We ordered a red snapper and a rockfish, fried with the heads on, and a few sides. They also offer broiled, but we wanted fried. Some folks called ahead so that their food was ready to go when they walked in. While we waited, Dad and I talked about how Bernie was different because he's honest about the fact that he doesn't just want to beat Trump (and he will), but that he actually wants to make the country better for working people. Other customers agreed and we gave them our Bernie signs leftover from the event. Fish in the Hood has a super-friendly community-oriented vibe. The fish was INCREDIBLE. They cut them in a way that made it easy to get the bones out. They also offer fish fillets without any head or bones, but my dad said, "Everything tastes better when you cook it with the bones." And not surprisingly, he was right. The batter was light, not too oily, but still so crispy and flavorful. The fish itself was delicate and flaky, perfectly cooked, not dry or bitter. With the heads on I could get at that extra tasty meat that's there inbetween the bones. The sides were OUTSTANDING. Potato salad that explodes with flavor in your mouth. Collard greens that are what collard greens are supposed to taste like, flavorful, savory, not sour. Hush puppies that were a hot and crispy fresh. And candied yams that were maybe there best I've ever had. In fact, everything might have been the best I've ever had. Fish in the Hood is DELICIOUS. Wherever you are in the DC area, make the trip.
Caroline S
This is hands down some of the best fried fish I've had outside The South! I had the catfish, which was uber tasty and my friends had the snapper and the trout. Holy cow they were all perfectly flaky and crunchy in every bite. We also god the hush puppies and the yellow cake-- everything was to die for. You WILL NOT regret going to this place. It is cash only so be prepared for that!